Carrier Rental Systems Kanały tekstylne

We offer a wide range of textile channels:

Textile ducts can be used in air transport or as diffusers that convey air over the entire area or partially, being adapted to specific needs. They are used in many industries, warehouses, public buildings and for the purpose of temporary events in halls and tents.

Methods of air distribution through textile ducts:

1. Through the permeable material

2. Through micro-perforation (from 0.2 to 0.4 [mm])

3. Through perforation (from 4 to 9 [mm]

4. Through the slots
5. Through long range nozzles

Carrier Rental Systems Kanały tekstylne - dystrybucja

Textile diffusers are a versatile air distribution tool and can cover an entire spectrum of air supply methods.

Benefits of textile ducts:


they are much cheaper than traditional galvanized insulated steel ducts.


Textile ducts are much lighter than galvanized ducts.


Washability and special fabrics allow you to maintain cleanliness, prevent the growth of bacteria or fungi.


mounted on steel cable carriers attached to the walls. Duct sections (not longer than 5 m) are connected with a zipper. Disassembly involves unfastening the suspension ribbon from the steel cable and undoing the lock


as standard we rent white, gray or black ducts. At the client’s request, we can choose the color of the ducts according to the requirements.