As a standard, we rent single-stage centrifugal pumps designed for pumping in food, chemical and plastic processing industries. Pumps of this type are characterized by a simple and durable construction. The maximum operating parameters of the pumps are capacity up to 138 m3 /h and discharge pressure over 4.5 bar. They can be installed in systems where the system pressure is up to 10 bar. We deliver pumps with an integrated contactor-starting kit. Integrated systems with a buffer tank are also available. Depending on the needs, we provide a dedicated automation solution necessary for the operation of pump systems.

 Carrier Rental Systems Pompy transferowe

Motor power/rpm Pump type Max. rise height Max. capacity Power supply Bauer/DN connection
2.2kW / 2900  S  22m  34m3/h 3-phase  2”/50mm
2.2kW / 2900  W  31m  20m3/h 3-phase  2”/50mm
4.0kW / 2900  S  22m  50m3/h 3-phase  2”/50mm
4.0kW / 2900  W  35m  28m3/h 3-phase  2”/50mm
5.5kW / 2900  S  35m   42m3/h 3-phase  2”/50mm
5.5kW / 2900  W  47m  30m3/h 3-phase  2”/50mm
7.5kW / 2900  S  35m  60m3/h 3-phase  2”/50mm
7.5kW / 2900  W  47m  35m3/h 3-phase  2”/50mm
11kW / 2900  S  38m  138m3/h 3-phase  4”/100mm
15kW / 2900  S  45m  138m3/h 3-phase  4”/100mm

S - standard W - high head